The Difficult Crossing
Page 25

Page 25

Sun, 6th Jan 10:41 PM, 2019
I'm sorry everyone, but after 25 pages I'm forced to concede that I simply cannot keep up this pace without burning out. Even though it may feel glacially slow in terms of story, the amount of work required to produce each panel three times a week is more than I can bear. It's clear that I need to seriously rethink my approach moving forward.

This page will be the last for a while. Until then, I need to take some time to rest and retool. Be assured that I am not giving up on this story, and I'd be surprised if this break lasts longer than a month. But I need to find a way to tell it faster with less original art every week. I'm not happy about that, but the story is still the most important part, and if I must compromise the drawings in service of that, so be it.

I'll see you all soon!


Mon, 7th Jan 7:06 PM, 2019
For what it's worth, I think that you've done a good job setting the stage for this story. Finding an art process that lets you do things in a way that works for you is an understandable goal, good luck Sik!

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Fri, 19th Jul 3:06 AM, 2019
Hope you're doing swell, Trip. Huge fan of your stories and art, and I hope life has been treating you well.

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